The Story About A Lobster

So what is it about lobsters?

Lets go back a few years... to the year 2012 where you'll find one girl and one boy.

This girl dreaming of finding her mr right and this boy thinking he'll never find his mrs right. she had already thought she'd found her prince twice before, both produced diamond rings and both produced broken hearts.

he on the other hand had mistaken company for love, for 9 years. This too, sad to say, had also ended in heartbreak.

in the beginning they were star crossed lovers. not dreaming to imagine they had found the one. Scared to overcome the hurdles that lie ahead in order to be together. 

But it was time to take a chance, a chance on love, a  chance to see if they had finally found the one.

It didn't take them long, and during a trip to venice this boy produced a ring. down on bended knee, in st marks square he asked her to be his lobster, because lobsters mate for life. it had only been a couple of months, but this girl knew, she had finally found her lobster too.

The day after the proposal, on a trip to Murano the glass island, in a shop they saw. A glass lobster. A sign to show, that this was right, this was finally it! SO they brought that lobster home and married 6 months later. Today that lobster sits on the window in their house. As a reminder every day that it is possible, no matter what life throws at you, that you can find your lobster and be together forever.

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