The one behind the doodles

"after leaving school i fell into working in retail. i ran a small slice of the paperchase empire as a store manager and loved it! i'm a self confessed stationery addict and was inspired by all the pretty products we sold everyday. in the evenings id get my sketchbook out and doodle. after getting alot of love from social admirers on instagram and facebook, my doodles turned into something a bit more special. With my love for all things paper and a story about a lobster - the paper lobster was born!"

Meet the team


Ralphy and mowgli

The real life lobster

"I am my wife's lobster! so far i have been successful enough not to be boiled alive, so things must still be going well ;-) I have a love of technology and have recently joined a new company who's aim is to simplify lives by bringing smart technology to the masses! anyways enough of the cheeky free advertising plug i must get back to fixing the printer and replacing inks, otherwise your orders won't go out in time! enjoy your new purchases! big love to all the lobsters out there!"

The trusty sidekicks

Dogs really are a persons best friend.

Mowgli (the ginger floof ball)

likes: walks, chasing pigeons, belly rubs
food (eating it and watching you eat it)

having a rummage in the bin

dislikes: sharing anything with ralphy and having his hair cut.

ralphy (the small one)

Likes: sunbathing, the orange ball, burrowing under a blanket, being stroked (allllllllllll the time)

dislikes: the rain and

other dogs - he is king


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